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Our Tour Guides and Leaders

Our trip leaders make every vacation extra special. They cater to your needs, help you discover all the wonderful gems of the area you visit, and support you with all your biking needs. Most live in the area of the tours, speak the language and know the "inside view".


His favorite sports are skiing, sailing and cycling. You can meet him in Suzhou today, Next day he would be skiing in Italy or maybe at home in Slovenia or even sailing over Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean Sea or racing Atlantic Regatta. If you sit next to him at dinner, he will be able to describe in fine details why Italians prefer pasta to any other food, except maybe Gelato.


Originally from Slovenia, Jure is now happily tucked in the mountains around Suzhou. His relaxed, friendly and passionate demeanor is contagious. "I love to see people challenge themselves and overcome that little voice that says you can't do it and tackle a mountain pass or a longer ride. It's that sense of adventure is what keeps us going," says Jure. "I hope that when people finish a trip with me they say, that was a trip of a lifetime!"

Li has more than 10 years of experience in customer service. She loves helping our guests with their travel plans. She has taken backpacking trips in the European countries, India, including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia. Li loves traveling on her bike. A couple years ago. She loves vacation on bike with partners; she has riding bicycle around 12 Chinese provinces. She says: “In that way you can see, hear, smell and feel everything around you very closely. Maybe I will be very tired at the end of the day, but I am very happy about what I have done and what I have seen”.

Juan Carlos

He loves meeting and getting to know his clients. He will make sure people on his tour not only see more than sights, but also get to know more about Chinese culture and stories behind what they are seeing. He is very proficient in Chinese culture and enthusiastic about sharing it. He can speak English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Join Juan Carlos on a trip and you’ll be very happy indeed.


Danna is a good cyclist. She has competed lots of races all over China and obtained the third position in China Open Bicycle Race. She enjoys sharing her expertise with guests. Clients often comment on her kindness. She says what she enjoys most about her job is to meet great people and share her love of China with people from all over the world.

Martin just finished university in law major. He didn’t go for as lawyer guy, but a bicycle one. Martin fell in love with biking sport right before he left university. In order to improve himself, he is biking on mountain trial for 50 km everyday. Martin is not only a good biker, but also a good bicycle doctor. If you have a problem with your bike, ask him. He could fix all kinds of bicycles.


Patrick has been working in banking industry for 15years. He started mountain biking 10 years ago. He enjoys backpacking, reading and cooking. He has rode around Taiwan and many places in China. He is thrilled about the chance of getting to meet people from all over the world and to talk about his country with them.


Tommy works in a Swedish company in Shanghai. He loves biking and outdoor sports very much.He was on the saddle touring around Qinghai Lake and traveled throughout India and Malaysia by backpacking. Tommy does not like spending much time indoor. He would happier when he’s guiding bicycle tours and helps bike fans to discover the beauties of his country!


Felix describes his passions as “nature, sports, and open spaces.” He thrives on showing guests the spectacular sights, vistas and villages that many locals have never seen! Guests appreciate his sense of humor and easygoing manner. He enjoys racing and long-distance cycling tours.



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